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"Once you taste it,..........you'll chase iT" - "this company was inspired by women,from all over th' world"
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World Famous
Conch Products.

1.Conch Salad
2.Conch Fritters
3.Fried Conch
4.Smoked Conch Boudin
5.Conch Burgers
6.Conch Sushi
7.Conch Tacos
8.Cajun Styled Conch Salad w/Shrimp,Craw Fish or Okra.
9.Raw Conch Seasoned 
11. Congo, Raw Conch & Mango --Seasonal(a double dose of Omega 3's)          

Laroi DionJackson Sr. born and raised in the City of Miami has finally taken his passion Global.Boldly setting the standard for serving World's Healthiest CONCH SALAD!
 "Conch"  pronounced "Konk" in Miami ,are the  ocean's true Delicacy. 
                "Our Recipe , has been 30 yrs, N th' making"
   Only the freshest vegetables are used when preparing our Salads and they're made to order.Our salads are heart healthy, low in sodium and fat free.Our unique blend of vegetable juices provide two full servings of vegetables in each 8 oz. serving.
   Conch Salad has been known to have positive effects on the skin,as
well as aid in the hormonal Imbalance in Women. The ANTIOXIDANTS,
abundant in the vegetable juice alone play a very important role in
reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease.By simply incorporating more
vegetable juice into your diet ,may have a significant impact on your
Brain's health.
  The Medicinal herbs added to the recipe lower's cholesterol levels and offer relief for allergies,asthma,arthritis,colds and nausea.Protecting the digestive tract and liver against toxins and parasites,..Further inhibiting cholesterol production in the liver,which make up 85% of the cholesterol in circulation in the blood stream.Decreasing activity of plate-activating factor (PAF)a clotting agent that creates the clot that can result in Heart attack or stroke.
 One of our herbal compounds included kills cold viruses at a concentration of less than one part per million,giving our recipe Anti - Parasidic affects.Treating schistosmiasis,a parasitic disease increasingly prevalent among tourist returning to North America,Australia and Europe from lesser developed areas. 
    Health benefits include: 81% Protein,Omega 3 fatty  acids,vitamins,minerals,increased energy, as well as promote weight loss.
         Theres no wealth..Like healtH...
         Email: atasteofmiamiconch@gmail.com

 All Conch sold for consumption in the U.S.A ,must be "Imported !"
Amy Borenstein,
PHD .,M.P.H., of the U.S.F  College of Public Health.
     Shake ~ Serve ~ Enjoy
We welcome all comments and suggestions.
 1Gallon of conch salad.$150.00
Get the party started right !!!
    "a Taste of Miami Conch"
      Laroi Dion Jackson Sr.
      Laroi Dion Jackson Jr.
  Laroiya Diondrea Jackson
   Miles J.Jackson ~ th' Prince
   Terelle D. Jackson (M.I.A)
Feel free to call LaRoi today at 337-292-0622. If you have any other questions or comments,Please.
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