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This country flipping th' Script
what !!! in this world, is going on ?
Wut in th world ?
Release the Conch Czar ....asap,asap !!!

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Tell Blackcula to go to Heal..thy !!
Breast cancer awareness conch lovers unite,
We running over competition, MIA style!!


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Conch Blogga LaRoi

This country flipping th' Script

Join us on   please tell 200 friendz & so on.Lifes ,is to be enjoyed,minus the daily, most times racially motivated mumbo jumbo clouding mind and distracting good ppl from the thing that really matter in life.Charity starts @ home,until we relize this as a nation,real harmony will continue to elude us.We're headed no where fast if we keep pushing this police state agenda.Theres no honor in the BS thats being displayed daily in 
AMERICA !!! eagle breaks bad,..he morphed into a vulture ??????????

what !!! in this world, is going on ?

We're paying attn to the rest of the world and its isn't all good.

Why do people make life so with all the Crazy issues ?

Here @ a Taste of Miami Conch,were firm believers that ..theres no substitute for FRESH & HEALTHY.

PSA please don't believe everything you read online as well as tell_lie_vision_news,...due to BS,flowing down, due to gravity.

oh yeah !!! PURGE EVERY POLICE STATION IN AMERICA,...due to un healthy activity trending against the people that it is supposed to protect.

Wut in th world ?

Im giving the world a life saver due to mass confusion mayhem & fuckery rearing its ugly head @ every chance.HOLY WARS ?c'mon man, life is to be enjoyed.Racism ? nobody choose their color...daily dirty cop killings ? abductions ? AND WE HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL OTHER SPECIES ANIMALS ??????? 

Release the Conch Czar ....asap,asap !!!

Soon and very soon,Kracken as well as Conch Czar's will have to be released....but it will take more than a decomposing Medusa's head to bring us down. Will someone please inform those principalities that be to get a life. ATOMC will soon be delivered VBIQVE,...that means everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Eyes have iT !!!

all eyez are currently on us ....please feel free to check us out also at    were firm believers that good things come to those that wait.CONCH CZAR ROI has spoken. Once you taste it ....
 you'll chase it ....Write your post here.

Thank you Ladies "worldwide"

a Taste of Miami ...was inspired by beautiful women from all over the world. 

2014 ,Here we come ...

This will definately be our year.
Please tell 200 friends ....
a Taste of Miami Conch 
(no one does it better)

He won,he suffered,he sought,he lived

Never give up,no matter how hard it look,...because looks can be decieving.Challenge yourself to make a difference,"This MAN did"...we just lost a living legend!Will the next revolutionary ,please step up to the plate......R.I.P  Nelson R. Mandela.
remember : nobody chose their race.
Choose Life. atomc conch czar laroi's finest.


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Price ....thanxs to our flying monkey delivery service!Believe it ??
or NOT ??
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